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Dottie Angel Frock
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Dottie Angel Frock

My First Dottie Angel Frock

In september 2015, I pledge that I would sew my clothes for one whole year and would not purchase clothes unless they are socks, underwear or footwear and could wear what I already own. So far I completed sewing 2 pairs of pants, 1 circular skirt and was actively looking for a pattern for a top to complement the pants when I found the Dottie Angel Frock community.

I enjoy reading several blogs and encounter the Dottie Angel Frock for the first time on the Soulemama blog by Amanda Blake Soule. This very simple dress is comfortable and straight forward for the beginner sewing enthusiast. The creator of this frock, Tif, writes a delightful blog and published the pattern with the Simplicity pattern company earlier this year (Simplicity 1080). While preparing the pattern and making a muslin to make sure of a good fit before sewing my first frock, I discovered several fans of the frock and their tutorial and sew-along.

After my in-house fitting session, I made the following change to the original pattern:

  • Lower the pleats of 3 inches,
  • Remove 3 inches of neckline at the shoulder seam to accommodate for narrow shoulders in proportion to the chest and bust.
  • Shorten the tunic by 4 inches at the hemline.

I found the fabric at Pacific Fabric in the cotton print sale section and was fortunate to find enough green fabric for the dress. The pockets were made from a fat quarter that was waiting patiently for a new life in my fabric stash. Surprisingly, the green of the flower heart match perfectly the green hue of the frock’s main color. The bias tape used was navy blue.

As soon as the last stitches of the hem was finished, I embraced the Granny chic style – Frock, full slip, knitted cardigan and Mary-Jane shoes and went to town for dinner with my family. My youngest son gave me sparkling eyes and thumbs up, I am blessed mama.




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