Coin Purse


Crafting serves multiple purpose for me and different crafts also have a therapeutic outcome. Thus, sewing is a very creative outlet whereas knitting simply calm my nerves when I am waiting, nervous, anxious or upset or too tired to focus on an elaborate (or simple) sewing project.

Over the years, I have been complaining and been disappointed by the clothing industry mass production, sizing and overall styles. Thus as of September 2015, I have decided that I would learn to sew my own clothes and document the process and references in this blog.

The list is as follows:

  1. Linen pants – sewn in september 2015
  2. Dottie Angel Frock – sewn in March 2016

In the same train of thoughts as my pledge to make my own clothes, I am also aiming at making all the Christmas presents for my family, extended family and friends in 2015. I will document the process and progress of  this endeavour in the posts of this blog. Here is the list:

Coin purses, slippers, quilt, sport bags and more.

Over the years I develop a great appreciation for handmade toys made of natural material such as cloth dolls stuffed with wool. Here the link to my portfolio: Waldorf dolls portfolio.



Chloe Martel Lorion